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Artist: Powerline
Title: Rock You Remember
No dobut, one of the best cover bands in the Mid-West. Nearly limitless vocals and superb instrumentation make this group a must see. Visit their historical website for more info and hear more of their music.
Artist: Kristen Basore, Vanessa Jones, Doug Bailey & Kyle Igneczi
Title: Angels Among Us
By far, this was one of the most rewarding projects this studio has ever seen. The talent was superb. The CD is a benefit music CD for the Angels With Autism Foundation. To hear some clips, learn about the artists, and buy a copy of the CD, click here.
Artist: Michael Kontras, Rev. Linda Poole Kennedy
Title: Yes, You Can!
This was a first. A 45 second intro to a brand new TV show that originates from Unity Church of Christianity in Columbus, Ohio. The tune was written, recorded and sung by Michael. Rev. Kennedy added much of the background vocals. The show aired for 34 weeks on local broadcast and digital television.
Artist: Michael Kontras
Title: You Need To Hear It
This CD is a single instrumental tune that Michael was asked to write by Marv West, host of , "You Need To Hear It, with Marv West," a local TV show in Columbus, Ohio.
Artist: Sturbridge
Title: Here I Am
This group is Columbus, Ohio, based. Chad Warren, the guitarist, writes nearly all of the material and is also the lead singer. The drummer, Matt Gum, and Chad have been working together for many years and it shows when they perform.
Artist: FOG - Four Old Guys
Title: Real FOG - Four Old Guys - LIVE
This CD was recorded on location in January, 2005. It was then mixed and mastered in the studio. The engagement was a large wedding reception. To learn more about FOG, visit: www.FourOldGuys.com
Artist: Michael Kontras
Title: Not Enough Time!
This CD is a demo of some of Michael's original vocal tunes. Some of the material will eventually end up on an upcoming CD called "The Voice Inside" which has no scheduled release date. You guessed it...there's just not enough time.
Artist: Shevawn Gibson
Title: Shevawn
Shevawn is by far one of the most talented pianists in the Central Ohio area. She is also a gifted songwritier and singer. This is a 3 song demo that Shevawn recorded on location and in the studio. It was designed as a promotional CD for her live performances.
Artist: Mary Rose Molinaro
Title: Why Did You Say You Love Me?
Mary Rose is a superb vocalist who really enjoys the musical stylings of the Big Band Era. The title track was written by her father and a friend in 1952. Her re-make of the song makes you realize that Mary Rose may well have been a Big Band Vocalist in a previous life.
Artist: Michael Kontras
Title: Michael Kontras
This is the debut instrumental CD for Michael. Powerful rhythms and unforgettable melodies puts these compositions on a par with Yanni and John Tesh. The difference here is Michael performed all of the tracks on the entire CD. E-mail Michael for a FREE COPY of this CD!