"For me, music is a living, breathing spirit that comes from the heart.
If you listen closely, you will hear every breath."
-M. Kontras
Listed below are over 60 compositions that I have either written or co-written.
As an engineer, producer, and arranger, I've recorded over 200 songs in The Studio
Yes, You Can! (Kontras) (TV Show Theme)
True Love (Kontras)
Dance, Baby, Dance (Kontras)
Looks Like I'm Falling In Love (With You) (Kontras)
Let Me Steal Your Love (Kontras)
Tonight (Kontras)
Just Being Friends (Kontras)
Lonna's Theme (Kontras) (Instrumental)
The Only One In Love (Smith-Kontras)
Surprize (Kontras) (Instrumental)
My Night To Howl (Taylor-Kontras-Taylor)
Michael's Boogie (Kontras) (Instrumental)
Open Road (Smith-Kontras)
Just For Fun '83 (Kontras) (Instrumental)
All You Need Is Love (Smith-Kontras)
This Heart's For Sale (Smith-Kontras)
A Song For Viola (Kontras) (Instrumental)
Not Too Late For Love (Smith-Kontras)
Lullaby In Rock (Kontras) (Instrumental)
Lonely, Lonely Town (Smith-Kontras-Pataky)
Mikey's Shuffle (Kontras) (Instrumental)
Mister (Taylor-Kontras-Taylor)
Close Your Eyes (Kontras) (Instrumental)
Sweet Little Sister (Smith-Kontras)
We Need To Be Friends (Kontras)
Perfect World (Smith-Kontras)
Just Being Friends (Smith-Kontras)
Handle With Care (Smith-Kontras)
The One I'm Crying For Now (Smith-Kontras-Dailey)
The Rebel In Me (Smith-Kontras)
It's About Time (Smith-Kontras)
A Pocket Full Of Dreams (Smith-Kontras)
Dance With A Stranger (Kontras)
When I'm Back On My Feet Again (Smith-Kontras)
Prelude / It's About Time! (Kontras) (Instrumental)
He Stole My Thunder (Smith-Kontras)
Playing With Fire (Smith-Kontras)
Millennium Kruise (Kontras) (Instrumental)
Ballad Of Heartache & Misery (Smith-Kontras)
Hometown Girl (Smith-Kontras)
The Little Things (Kontras)
How Can We Let It Slip Away (Smith-Kontras)
It's Up To You (Smith-Kontras)
Easy Does It (Kontras) (Instrumental)
Keep The Love Alive (Smith-Kontras)
Border Night (Kontras) (Instrumental)
Victim Of The Night (Smith-Kontras)
Here's To You (Kontras)
Hypnosis (Kontras) (Instrumental)
She Wants You (Kontras)
Just For Fun '93 (Kontras) (Instrumental)
For Crying Out Loud (Smith-Kontras)
It's So Hard To Put Into Words (Smith-Kontras)
Get The Job Done (Kontras)
You Need To Hear It (Kontras) (Instrumental)
Take Me To Your Paradise (Kontras)
Adam's Song (Kontras) (Instrumental)
What's Wrong With This Picture (Smith-Kontras)
I Let A Good Thing Go (Smith-Kontras)
Out Of Control (Taylor-Kontras-Taylor)
Bein' Cool (Kontras) (Instrumental)
It's All Up To You (Smith-Kontras)
Guilty As Charged (Smith-Kontras)
Camel Dance (Kontras) (Instrumental)