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Artist: Rainbow Canyon CB
Title: Rainbow Canyon CB's Greatest Hit
This project was not recorded in The Recording Studio at Michael Kontras.com. Michael was asked to record the piano tracks for the single release from the LP. The cut was called "Franklin County Woman".

Artist: Reflection
Title: Friend
This was a 45rpm record only. Side A was an original called "Friend" which appeared on the QFM-96 very first hometown LP in Columbus, OH. The flip side was also an original. A 2nd pressing of the 45 has "Mack The Knife" on the flip side. This was a very popular oldies show closer.

Artist: Reflection
Title: Highlights
This project is simply a compilation of highlights that includes an impromptu performance with Wolfman Jack, from the NBC TV Show "Midnight Special" and Charles Duchante, saxophonist for Hall & Oates.

Artist: Reflection
Title: A Saturday Night In September
Reflection becomes a 6 piece showband for 6 months. This is a 3 CD set that was originally recorded reel-to-reel stereo. The set was never released because this version of the group did not exist long enough to promote it.

Artist: Reflection
Title: Reflection - Live!
This was a very big selection of tunes from their live show. It was released on cassette only and primarily used as a promotional demo. These taped recordings have all been transfered to CD.

Artist: Livestock
Title: Livestock Live
A recording of the first night this band performed in public. Originally intended for release as a 2 cassette set. These recordings were never publicly released.

Artist: Colours
Title: Colours - Live!
This was a compilation of cover tunes recorded live in Midland, Michigan, home of Dow Chemical. The name of the club was called "The Establishment". The project was never released but the tapes are now CDs.

Artist: Eddie Ray & Company
Title: I Want Your Love
This was a 45rpm record only. The release was used to promote the live show. It was never produced in large enough quantities for sale to the public.

Artist: The Smith Brothers
Title: Talk To Me
This duo never peformed live but recorded many songs together in 1971 and 1972. This is a 2 song demo that was recorded in Nashville late in 1971.