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Artist: Michael Kontras
Title: Songs You Grew Up With
This is the final compilation of the live CDs by Michael Kontras. Recorded live on location, this CD offers an excellent look into his live stage show. 18 live tracks and one 1978 studio track of Michael's very popular version of "Mack the Knife". E-mail Michael for a FREE COPY of this CD!

Artist: Michael Kontras
Title: Live At Unity
Excerpts from the April 29, 2001 11:00am service at Unity Church of Christianity, Columbus, Ohio. The recording was done from the church's sound room but Michael performed to pre-recorded rhythm tracks from his instrumental CD, "Michael Kontras".

Artist: Michael Kontras
Title: Michael Kontras - Live!
This is the edited CD version of the 1998 Dual Cassettes release. The CD did quite well, even with those who had previously purchased the cassette package.