It is now 1989. Business was good in the pool hall and since I did not own it, I had a little more time for my real career. I continued to improve my recording skills and continued to compose, trying to develop a unique instrumental style. I also gave a resume and photo to an agency that booked talent for various advertisers and companies. Although I never did any 'on camera' work, I was booked for a few voice-over jobs.

1990 began with the most memorable event of the year coming in January. My second son, Kenny, was born at approximately 11:45 pm on January 10th. Although they are 15 years apart in age, my two sons, Adam and Kenny are very close. Words cannot describe how I feel about both of them.

Later in 1990 the guitarist from the 1988 version of "Reflection" gave me a call. He was working on some original material and wanted my help. We started writing together and laying down tracks in the studio as often as possible. He handled the vocals and guitar work. I handled the musical arrangements for the drums, bass and keyboards. We became a very good song writing team.