In January 1988, we revived the name "Reflection" and went on stage.

Opening night was incredible! So many people showed up. Friends, family and even former followers of the original 1975 "Reflection" were there. We recorded the opening night. A taste of Reflection '88.

Unfortunately, after the first few weekends the crowds started to dwindle. I closed the club in March and went to work for another club. The band broke up in August.

Throughout the summer of 1988 I continued to work in the studio when I could. I was able to purchase some decent used recording equipment. I worked with it extensively, learning everything I could about it. I was determined to create a good recording environment in my home.

In September, my uncle asked me if I would manage his pool hall and I agreed. The hours, much like nightclub hours, suited me. Since I had been around the game most of my life, working there was a treat.