1981 marked the beginning of the end of bands performing 5 & 6 nights a week in clubs and hotels. DJs were becoming popular and were being used a lot during the week with live entertainment being cut to 1 or 2 nights. Many hotels and clubs were installing sound systems and hiring DJs to spin records. This greatly reduced their costs and gave them a very effective tool for in-house promotions. MTV was coming on strong and local live entertainment was losing popularity. The new way to hear your favorite song was also the new way to see your favorite song - by the artist who recorded it. MTV was exciting to watch and local bands could not compete with the elaborate visual productions that record companies were using to promote their artists.  

1981 also marked the end of "Reflection" as a full band. In January, the 4-piece became a duo formed by the guitarist and me. By summer, the new "Reflection" was gaining popularity. The professionalism on and off stage was back. We rehearsed a lot, even after we started performing on stage. The sound and lighting was exceptional for a duo. We had a full band sound with the guitarist playing bass pedals and me operating an elaborate percussion system. We dressed professionally which establishment operators really appreciated and since we were only two people, the price for the act was very competitive. I realized that with the economic changes of the '80s, smaller groups were here to stay.

The duo was solidly booked all over the state and in some neighboring states as well. We performed in upscale restaurants and smaller nightclubs. The hotels were not using live entertainment nearly as much as in the past and there seemed to be far more work on the road than in our home town.



Because we traveled so much, we used agents to book our act most of the time. In the past I did all of the booking for my groups.

I wasn't comfortable with all of the traveling we were doing but I wasn't able to do anything about it at the time. Because club managers and even owners change so often in this business, I had lost many of my local contacts over the past few years.

By the end of 1982, the road was taking it's toll on us as individuals and on our patience with each other. The income was good, but when you are only getting home once a week or maybe even twice a month, the income is not that great. The job then becomes a 24/7 job. Divide your weekly pay into all of those hours and well...you do the math.

I began doing some song writing during this time. These were vocal tunes that we performed on stage from time to time. I also composed one instrumental called "It's About Time!". This one composition drew more response than all of the vocal songs combined. I was beginning to realize that composing instrumental music was where I needed to place my creative efforts.

1983 marked "Reflection's" final performance. It was in April on the Saturday before Easter. It was a fun night! We set out memorabilia of the group over the years and had a huge cake and champagne. The entire night was tape recorded. The room was packed! So many friends and family came. I was overwhelmed by the turnout.

Although "Mack" was still my signature song, "It's About Time!" received a lot of compliments. I did not realize it then, but 18 years later that composition would again be a part of my life. The five year 'nightmare' that began in May of 1978, was finally over.