In 1979, "Reflection" continued to change members and because of contractual obligations, we had to stay a 4+1 group. In March, we replaced our male lead vocalist with a female lead vocalist and in August, the original drummer for the group was replaced by the drummer from my 1974 group, "Livestock". By now, the bass player and I were the only two original members left in "Reflection". We had seen five new faces come to the group in little more than a year. I was having a tough time dealing with all of the changes. Inadequate preparation resulted in inadequate stage performances. Some drinking was occurring during engagements which was never done with the original members. I desperately needed to regroup.

One Sunday morning in October, 1979, a record producer called me up and asked if I would record some piano tracks for an album featuring a regional duo. He needed me to be there by noon! Apparently, he had heard my work on some other projects including the work on Reflection's "Friend" and liked my style.

To my pleasant surprise, many other local musicians were also featured on the LP. It was nice to be included in the project. The single from the LP was "Franklin County Woman". It received a lot of attention throughout many of the states because, as I was told by the producer, there are 32 Franklin Counties in the USA.


By November, I had put an end to the current version of "Reflection" and started over keeping only the lead vocalist. I had contractual deadlines that I had to meet so I did not have an unlimited amount of time to prepare a new group. By New Years' Eve, yet another version of "Reflection" went on stage. But the 'nightmare' was not over.

1980 marked the final versions of "Reflection" as a full band. The new 4+1 version that started out on New Years' Eve had a change of drummers in April.

A month later the female vocalist left the group. We decided not to
replace her, and "Reflection" became a 4-piece group, again.


This version lasted until very early 1981 and was actually starting to gel musically, but the personalities did not gel and the group ended. The 'nightmare' was winding down.