1977 was a crazy year.

Very early in the year, Steve Miller (The Steve Miller Band) stopped in at one of our shows with his road manager. He had just finished a show in the area.

A few months later, we were surprised by Wolfman Jack in Cincinnati. He ended up getting on stage with us and singing (I use the term very loosely) "Stormy Monday Blues".

The summer also brought "Reflection" together with 11 other bands for a well-publicized benefit for an area camp for the handicapped called "Recreation Unlimited". The camp's spokesman was a very popular sportscaster named Jimmy Crum who was on the air at an NBC affiliated TV station for nearly 30 years. The event started at 2:00 pm on a Sunday afternoon and went until 2:00 am Monday morning. Each act performed 50 minutes with "Reflection" performing the final hour.We used the 10 minutes in between acts for announcements and donations.Jimmy and I co-hosted the event. That evening the 6 o'clock and 11 o'clock news covered the event. We raised nearly $4000 for the camp.

At one of our shows, a customer approached me, pulling out $500 from his wallet.
"How many records does this buy?" he asked.
"About half of a case!" I answered, thinking he couldn't be serious. After all, that was 250 records!
"You're on!" he said, handing me the money. He then opened the box and started passing records out to everyone in the club, including the bartenders and waitresses. Now that's a fan!

In October & November, "Reflection" went into the studio for the first time. We recorded two songs for a 45 rpm single. Both were original tunes. The 'A' side was "Friend" and the 'B' side was "Headed Home". The record was out in October and we started selling copies at our engagements.

"Reflection" traveled a lot more in 1977 than in previous years. Being on the road is tough. Because band members are around each other all of the time, personalities can and do clash once in a while. It was always nice to get back home after several weeks of staying in hotels.

Reflection performed many upscale venues during 1977. This required a more formal look on stage and in our promotional material. Since we had the black suits from the 1976 six-piece group we had additional promo photos shot for just these occassions. Our appeal was widening. Our professionalism was second to none.