1976 was an interesting year for "Reflection". We had several local establishments wanting us to play for them. The group was really starting to get a following. Our professionalism on and off stage was unmatched. Our stage appearance was excellent which also contributed to our popularity.

We did some traveling early in the year, playing in some clubs near home but far enough away that we stayed in motels. This was a good time for working on original material and for lengthy rehearsals.

We celebrated our One Year Anniversary early in 1976. It was a great night with many friends and family attending that evenings' performance.

We were always creating new ways to keep things interesting for the audience and us. On several occasions, we did an acoustic set with all of us playing guitars (in my case, bass guitar), sitting on stools, doing songs like "Peaceful Easy Feeling" (Eagles) and "Amy" (Pure Prairie League). This set went over great during the last hour of 'happy hours' before the night really kicked into high gear. Audiences enjoyed the diversity.


In April of 1976 we were approached by a real estate developer who had recently purchased a very unique shopping 'village' that also had upscale apartments and condominiums. The development was known for its' retail shops, restaurants and nightclubs. In one of the nightclubs he wanted a house show band that would play this room exclusively, but it had to be larger than 4 pieces. He asked us to consider making "Reflection" larger and he would pay all expenses including paid rehearsals. This was a very flattering offer. It required us to audition many candidates, both male and female. In order to be a true 'show band', we needed at least 6 people.

We finally made the additions to the group and after a month of rehearsals, we were on stage. We had a great sound with excellent vocals and instrumentation. There was literally no song or style of music we could not do. The addition of a female vocalist (who also played keyboards) gave the group a new dimension. The additional male vocalist also played guitar and percussion instruments such as timbales and congas. Both were extremely talented.
Because the owner received a lucrative offer to sell the entire development, the club would no longer be in existence after years' end."Reflection" went back to its' original members and format in January of 1977. Although short-lived, this was a very memorable experience.