In January of 1975, "Reflection" began rehearsals. It was refreshing to see musicians that were as dedicated as I was to creating a very professional band. "Reflection" was a "Top 40" group with a well-rounded list of songs from the current charts, oldies and instrumentals. The lead singing was equally rotated among all of the members. Vocal harmonies and musical arrangements were worked out meticulously. Everybody knew their parts flawlessly.We rehearsed for over 3 months. Our rehearsals would start in the afternoon and often times go beyond midnight, lasting 8 to 10 hours a day.
I also recorded us from time to time. This was a big help in making sure vocal parts were accurate. Much of what I learned in "Jesus Christ - Superstar" was applied here both musically and technically.


All the rehearsals paid off. Our first engagement was so successful, that by the summer of 1975, "Reflection" was booked solid through spring of 1976. This was unprecedented for a brand new group. We were becoming well known very quickly.

"Reflection" promoted heavily...
We put together photo packages of the group that included individual and group on-stage shots.

The most memorable event of 1975 was not a musical one, however, it was a personal one. My first son, Adam, was born Thursday afternoon, October 9th. I was there for his birth but I was also under contract to perform that night. This photo was taken that same Thursday at around 11:00 pm.