By late spring of 1973, I assembled a group called "Colours" with the guitarist from "Eddie Ray & Company" and two new members. I wanted to perform in some of the nicer places around town. At the time, many of the hotels were using live bands in their lounges. These were ideal venues for groups who wanted to perform full time, 5 or 6 nights a week.

In the summer of 1973, "Colours" was playing in a club in Midland, Michigan. It actually happened by accident. We were booked at a different club in the same town, but we had problems with the truck we were using to haul our equipment and the breakdown on the way to Midland cost us the gig. (We actually spent a night sleeping on the side of the freeway because we could not get a part for the truck until the next day.) The club owner had to find another band so when we finally arrived, we had no work. We went to a nearby restaurant, ate dinner and decided the best thing to do was go back home. On the way out of town, we stopped into another club that featured live entertainment, talking with the band on their break and sharing our situation with them. The band said they would love it if we sat in on their equipment. They were not that motivated and it seemed they could care less about the gig. We played about 5 songs. The owner came up to us while we were still on stage and offered us the gig starting the following week!

I later learned that the other band was breaking up soon. The owner was asking them to hold on until he could find a replacement. What a break! We had a great gig, even if it wasn't in our home town.

We played at this club for nine weeks. We could have played there forever as far as the owner was concerned. He really liked our group and even wrote us a great letter of recommendation. Unfortunately, personality conflicts set in with the members and we decided to leave the gig before things got too bad.

After that gig we returned home and once again, I was "back to the drawing board".