Weisheimer is the name of the street where my brother Nick and I were raised by our Mother, Viola, our Grandmother, Despina (Denise) and eventually our Stepfather, Bill. Our parents, uncles, aunts and cousins that all lived here in Columbus, Ohio, numbered well over 40. To say the least, we have some great memories.

We decided that now that we are in our seventies, it was time to share a few stories about our upbringing, which do include some mischievious acts. Rather than have our children and grandchildren tell these stories, we thought it would be best if we "came clean" and let you hear them from the two people that were there.

The original recording took place at Studio Artists Columbus on March 3, 2023. The cameras ran for nearly three hours. Nothing was scripted and there was certainly no rehearsing, as you will soon realize.

As a teaser, I assembled some excerpts from the series to get you started.


WEISHEIMER - Excerpts from the Nine Part Series




Bill Pokhias (Biological Father) - Yia Yia's (Grandmother) Real Age - Our Birth Certificate Issues




Parents' Age When They Married - Where We Moved From - The Cost of Weisheimer - First Memories of Weisheimer - Plastic Furniture Covers - An Uncle's Wealth - Banana Splits - Yia Yia's Punishing "Magic" Slipper - Nick Trying to Set the House on Fire - Neighborhood Friends (Part 1)




Neighborhood Friends (Part 2) - The Girl Nick Almost Married - First Time Meeting Bill Pokhias - The Next (and final) Time Meeting Bill Pokhias - Bill Pokhias, Son Michael, and Granddaughter, Amy - Piatt's Restaurant and Owner, Great Uncle Jim Kartsimas - Yia Yia's Brothers and Sisters - Hudson's Restaurant and Owner, Great Uncle John Kaloudis - Dad's (Stepfather) First Restaurant, Chef's Casino - George's Coney Island and Those Incredible Coneys! (Part 1)




Those Incredible Coneys! (Part 2) - Dad's "Goosehanger's Club" (not a real goose) - Sunday Morning Cleanings at Chef's - Best Pizza Ever - Our First Bike - Summer "Vacation" at Our Aunt Theo's House - Nick Nearly Drowning in the Scioto River - Holiday Gatherings (Part 1) - Cousin Greg's Basement Bedroom




Holiday Gatherings (Part 2) - Cousin Greg Liked to Party - Favorite Toys - Easter Bread and Finding the Lucky Coin - Nick Cheating on Exams in Fourth Grade - Favorite School Teacher - Nick Getting Whacked by the Woodshop Teacher - Cutting Class (Part 1)




Cutting Class (Part 2) - Me Bribing the Woodshop Teacher - Cream Horns & Bismarks - The Attendance Office Scandal - Most Favorite Food of Yia Yia's - Least Favorite Food of Yia Yia's - Favorite Music From the 1960s (Part 1) - "My Time Is Valuable" CD by Nick Kontras (Part 1)




"My Time Is Valuable" CD by Nick Kontras (Part 2) - Favorite Music From the 1960s (Part 2) - Eight-Track Tapes and Nick's Yellow Chevy - Jesus-Christ Superstar and Nick's Yellow Chevy - On Stage Wedding of "Reflection" Bass Player - Mack the Knife - Some "Reflection" History - The Fifith Order and Jeff Fenholt (Part 1)




The Fifith Order and Jeff Fenholt (Part 2) - High School Talent Show - Jeff & Dane - Cheating the Phone Company - Mike Goes to Jail - Nick Almost Goes to Jail (Part 1)




Nick Almost Goes to Jail (Part 2) - Colt 45 - Nick at Ocktoberfest - Piano Lessons - Trolly Buses - State Competition - She Loves You and I Want To Hold Your Hand - Yeah, But You Could Dance - Nick "Borrows" A Car at a Dubonnets' Kenyon College Gig - Historical Photos & Mack the Knife - "My Time Is Valuable" CD Excerpts (after the outro)