Recording has been a part of my life since my teens. This is my first "studio". (1969) Note the 2 reel-to-reel tape recorders (one on its back and one on end) I used to create multi-channel recordings.

Then came my "bigger must be better" phase. (1984) Note the size of the playback speakers. I still could only record 4 channels.

My most elaborate keyboard set-up (1984) included a Hammond B-3 with Leslie Tone Cabinet, a Wurlitzer Electric Piano, an ARP String Ensemble and a Moog II Synthesizer. In addition, I kept the drum machine, a Roland TR-808, on top of the B-3.

The next big jump in recording for me was an 8 channel studio. (1994) I recorded nearly 100 tunes on this equipment. Most with full production which meant a lot of sub-mixing.

This is a different view of the 8 channel studio. I resisted the temptation to go with interlocking 8 channel ADAT machines because I did not want another tape format. I waited until I could go digital.

Finally! 24 channel digital. (2002) I move from having a "personal studio" to having a facility that can help others realize their dreams.

The final chapter in my quest for a quality production studio came in 2018. I now operate Studio Artists Columbus. It is an excellent studio for both audio and video. And it has seen countless projects over the years.